simon.jpgА жизнь-то продолжается :)) Сегодня чисто случайно обнаружил в магазине сборник альбомов Simon & Garfunkel в настоящем лицензионном MP3 :)) Искал эту прелесть года два. Подробности последуют..

Понравился или оказался полезным этот пост?

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8 комментариев на запись “Жизнь продолжается)”

  1. Alan пишет:

    И где же подробности?!!! Жду-не дождусь 🙂

  2. admin пишет:

    А вот и подробности 🙂

  3. Corry пишет:

    When I was 18 years old (I am 61 now) I had the following text hanging on the wall of my sleeping room

    Time it was and what a time it was it was;

    A time of innocense: a time of confidences;

    Long ago it must be;

    I have a photograph;

    Preserve your memories;

    They`re all that`s left you.

    I am aware of the advantage of living in the Western part of Europe where I was able to buy this LP directly. So pity for you being Russians that at the time you wrote this down, it took you 2 years before you had this record in your hands!

    Nowadays a lot of Simon and Garfunkel stuff is also to be downloaded in Russia if you are familiar with downloading by torrents. I have a hugh site for you where you can find tons of stuff regarding S & G; Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon. I have to admit: the site is not so updated as the stuff we have on torrents regarding S & G etc. but please have a look at: and you are free to register first. After registering you can use the search function in your own language! I wish you tons of success!

    Last words I think you are young, but a very serious person regarding your opinions and your way of life: I duly respect this. Herewith I will send you a YT-file with the English words sung by Art Garfunkel:

  4. admin пишет:

    Yeah, these words always hit me too — you have some things nowhere but in memories, and it’s painful and relieving at the same time — but that’s the way it is.

    As for getting musical records in USSR in the 60s and 70s, I think it was much more difficult than just wait for two or three years, but fortunatelly times got better, and when I wanted to listen to S & G, I just went to the shop and bought the CD )

    It’s funny that you heard about Rutracker 🙂 It’s well known in Russia, and I’m well aware of it too of course )

    But maybe you know some source of bootlegs (preferrably, live bootlegs)? I like listening to live performances a lot!

    And thanks for the nice last words and for the song — it’s very good.

  5. Corry пишет:

    Just fulfilling your last kindly request regarding «bootlegs». During the years I downloaded many of theirs and I know an Canadian/American site where you can download a lot of bootlegs. But just as on
    (I know more sites in Russia where you are able to download for free in mp3, but I will give you these sites later) you first have to register yourself and waiting for the approval of the moderator. If you have any problems with that site, please write me. Here is the link to that site: it is almost the only site in the West where bootlegs are still uploaded….I wish you a bunch of success! Kind regards from Holland Corry

    By the way: the bootlegs on this site are — in common — almost live-bootlegs of different periods. My name on that site is «Menneke»: I added also some stuff on that site, but when you are un uploader you receive so less credits so I stopped posting there my own kind of stuff!

  6. admin пишет:

    Thank you a lot! 🙂

  7. Corry пишет:

    Just arrived on the internet and I am sending you the first YT-one: have much pleisure by listening to it! It is a concert given in 1993.

    Here is the link to this live-concert:

  8. admin пишет:

    Oh, haven’t seen that one. Thank you)

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