Арти делится воспоминаниями…

Simon & Garfunkel — Kathy’s song (Live)

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  1. Corry пишет:

    This is one of my favorite S & G songs so heartfelt sung by Art Garfunkel. It is 2014 and after four years of absense Art Garfunkel has recovered and has back his voice for almost 100%! He now performs alone with singing S & G songs, his own songs, reading some poetry he made by himself to the public and a question and answer session. He still is not able to hit the highest notes by singing Bridge Over Troubled Water, but in the meantime he has reached an age of 72!!

    When he sings he is only accompanied by one guitarplayer, called Tab Laven. It is a very good duo. If you want to have some YT-vids for your site please write to me like you did a few days ago. Greetings from The Netherlands! (By the way: in common I do not like the USA-mentality and I was against their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.The States are far too capatalistic to my idea: I am a Dutch socialist :);))!

  2. admin пишет:

    Yeah, this performance of Kathy’s song is just wonderful and so touching, though Art is not as young and his voice is not as good as in the 70s 🙂

    But it still brings me goosebumps — and that’s the main criteria of quality I think 😉

    Thanks for the news about Art — I read them on his offsite. I hope his voice is actually coming back — if you have some fresh youtube links to these performances, please send them here!

    And finally I think we shouldn’t mix music and politics, ’cause music is what makes us better, clears our minds and brings us some feelings of high nature, and politics is doing it all vice versa, being quite a lousy thing to my mind.

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