Покончив с автобиографией Элтона Джона, я взялся за автобиографию Вуди Аллена! 🙂

И некоторые фрагменты настолько пронзительны и настолько важны для понимания характера и личности Вуди, что не могу их не процитировать.

О том, с чего все началось:

But now, I’m ready to be born. Finally, I enter the world. A world I will never be comfortable in, never understand, and never approve of or forgive.

О родителях:

Two characters as mismatched as Hannah Arendt and Nathan Detroit, they disagreed on every single issue except Hitler and my report cards. And yet with all the verbal carnage, they stayed married for seventy years — out of spite, I suspect. Still, I’m sure they loved each other in their own way, a way known perhaps only to a few headhunting tribes in Borneo.

Об отношениях в семье с нескрываемым, хотя и грустным сарказмом:

I always took to anything that required solitude, like practicing sleight of hand or playing a horn or writing, as it kept me from having to deal with other humans who, for no explainable reason, I didn’t like nor trust. I say ‘no reason’ because I came from a large, loving, extended family who were all nice to me. It’s like I was a genetically born louse. <…> As it is, having two loving parents, I grew up surprisingly neurotic. Why, I don’t know.

Ну, и для контраста — совсем другой по настроению фрагмент, в котором Вуди рассказывает, как лет в пятнадцать впервые начал читать книги! До этого его интересовали только комиксы 🙂

Anyhow, I didn’t read until I was at the tail end of high school and my hormones had really kicked in and I first noticed those young women with the long, straight hair, who wore no lipstick, little makeup, dressed in black turtlenecks and skirts with black tights, and carried big leather bags holding copies of ‘The Metamorphosis’, which they had annotated themselves in the margins with things like ‘Yes, very true,’ or ‘See Kierkegaard’.

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