В свежем интервью Вуди рассуждает о современном кино в целом и о своем будущем как режиссера, и вполне возможно, что он вскоре может перестать снимать фильмы 🙁

-You have repeatedly said that you never intend to retire. Could all this description, plus what is happening with Covid, change your mind?

-I never thought of retiring completely, because even in this last year and a half of confinement I never stopped working. I wrote a play, a book. I am always writing. Every morning I get up and start writing. Now, I think I could stop making movies, it’s a possibility. Cinema is taking a direction that doesn’t interest me. I don’t like the idea of ​​working for a whole year on a movie so that it ends up being released on television instead of doing it, as it happened to me all my life, in a movie theater with hundreds of people watching it at the same time.

-It is a very different reality from the one you knew in almost your entire career.

-The cinema is no longer what it used to be, as I was saying a few minutes ago. When I started I had a great motivation, which led me to want to be part of cinema understood as an art and to be on a par with Truffaut, Fellini, Godard, De Sica. That no longer exists. Things took a strange turn. Today, studios spend $500 million on a single movie and expect to make $1 billion from it. When I started, on the other hand, the studios invested between one and three million, they earned ten and we were all happy. Now, as the expenses are much higher, there is no longer any interest in making films like those made by Bergman, Fellini or the great independent directors of the United States. Today I assure you that movies like Bonnie and Clyde or Mi vida es mi vida they would be very difficult to do. They would go directly to television or, with a lot of luck, they could have three weeks in a movie theater and then go to television.

Помню, что один в один такие же мысли были у Дэвида Линча в интервью лет десять назад (поэтому «Внутренняя империя» и стала его последним фильмом).

Все это, конечно, очень грустно.

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