I thought it would be a good idea to write a couple of words about the book I’ve just read in English also in English 🙂

So… this book is just perfect for reading in English, ’cause a) it’s really entertaining and funny; b) its vocabulary is rather simple and just a little bit bigger than mine, so I can just read it without looking up each and every word in a dictionary, which is important; and c) it has really captivating storyline (mixed of love and humour as the title suggests) which makes you read on and on.

As for me, I’m really impressed by that gentleman and looking forward to read some other books by him 🙂

Понравился или оказался полезным этот пост?

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2 комментария на запись “P.G. Wodehouse «Love Among the Chickens»”

  1. Alan пишет:

    Nice review! I also wanna read it after you’ve got so much imressions) The last thing I’ve read in English was Fight Club by Palahniuk couple of years ago, so it’s time to remember English one more time)) Thank you!

  2. admin пишет:

    Yeah, I decided to read on and took another book of the same series, that is


    And again, I enjoy it a lot, it’s easy to read, funny and entertaining, besides I like the character very much 🙂

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