И еще в тему — сразу после совместной победы Медведева и Путина в акции «Вместе победим» на BBC появилась статейка, в которой даются рекомендации по правильному произнесению фамилии президента.

The pronunciation of Medvedev’s name presents quite a challenge to English speakers.

As media coverage of the elections has shown, several pronunciations are already in use among British broadcasters, including muhd-VAY-dev and MED-vuh-dev (the latter is considered incorrect).

The Pronunciation Unit’s recommendation is DMEET-ri muhd-VYED-uhff (-uh as in the; -vy as in view; the final ‘v’ is devoiced so it sounds like ‘f’) but it was a challenge for us to decide exactly how we should render this name in English and, before we could decide on a definitive recommendation, we had to consider the following factors:

-the native Russian pronunciation (which sounds close to myid-VYED-yiff; -my as in mute; -vy as in view)
-the extent to which this name is likely be anglicised by non-native speakers of Russian (since his name will undoubtedly crop up frequently)
-ease of production (will it be pronounceable in English?) and ease of perception (will it be clear to our audience who it is our broadcasters are talking about?)
as well as
-consistency — all of our advice incorporates systematic Anglicisations which are based on our knowledge of the phonology of the language in question.

The surname Medvedev stems from the Russian word for ‘bear’ medved’ (with stress on the second syllable), so that it is important to retain this stress in the surname, hence our recommendation muhd-VYED-uhff

Если у вас с первого раза не получилось, продолжайте тренироваться! У Хиллари Клинтон тоже не получилось.

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