05×01 A Womb With a View / С видом из чрева (06.12.1988)
Режиссер: Джей Дэниел
Сценарий: Гленн Гордон Кэрон и Ричард Эгли

Замечательный breaking-the-fourth-wall — хореографический номер — начало пятого сезона. Один из моих любимых моментов в этом сериале.

<Telephone rings>
Agnes: Blue moon detective agency.
Some low-down, no-goodnik
Made off with your dough?
We can’t solve your case,
‘Cause we don’t have a show.
We went off the air
At the end of last season,
‘Cause management wouldn’t listen to reason.
Blue moon’s still here,
Though there’s one thing we’re sans,
Our millions of loyal,
Intelligent fans.
But hang in there, mister,
It’ll just be a bit,
When you won’t have
To deal with this retun shh….
… ut my mouth. Oh, my goodness. Gotta go. It’s you! You came back.. finally. Some of ’em said you might not want to, but I knew, I knew you’d come. You wouldn’t come. You couldn’t come. And now you’re here… our audience. Hey, everybody, look! Our audience!
Everybody: Hey, look! Oh, yeah!
Agnes: Oh, this is great. This is the best. This is…
Everybody: … yeah!!!
Agnes: Herbert! Herbert! Guess who’s here?
Herbert: Who?
Agnes: Guess!
Herbert: Agnes, I’m about to checkmate myself, and I don’t have time for this…
Agnes: Herbert, you don’t have to play with yourself anymore. They’re here.
Herbert: They? They who?
Agnes: They them.
Herbert: Oh… them.
Agnes: Isn’t it great?
Herbert: Ehh…
Agnes: Ehh? Ehh? What do you mean «ehh»? They’re back.
Herbert: Mmm.
Agnes: Herbert, you’re not still holding a grudge, are you?
Herbert: They didn’t exactly take me to their bosom last year, you know.
Agnes: For crying out loud, Herbert. Turn the page. That was last year. This is this year. A new season. A great season. Your season.
Herbert: My season?
David: South swell. Not a cloud in the sky. Bikini weather, folks. We pack up the station wagon. We go to the beach. We surf.
Agnes: Mr. Addison.
David: Don’t agrue with me, Agnes. It’s about time you worked on an all-over tan.
Agnes: That’s nice, Mr. Addison. But I’ve got a feeling we have some work to do.
David: Come here. Did I hear you use the «w» word? Shame on you.
Herbert: My season.
David: What?
Herbert: My season.
David: Have you been smoking banana peels again? What’s the matter with you?
Agnes: Look.
David: Ah! Is that who I think it is?
Agnes: Yeah. Ain’t it bitchin’?
David: Well, I’ll be a series regular. Look, there’s Kathy and Arnold and-and…
Agnes: And Dawn.
David: Hi Dawn.
Agnes: Nancy.
David: There’s my friend Mark from my home town. Well, I guess we’re back in show business, aren’t we?
Agnes: Oh! Wait till Miss Hayes hears the good news.
David: Yeah. So, kids, are we ready to roll up our sleeves and make our dialogue dirty again?
Everybody: Yes, sir.
David: So what are we waiting for?

Another season, another try
To make 22 shows before we die
A chance for critics
To scoff and sneer
«We know they’ll only
Make 16 this year»
«We know they’ll only
Make 16 this year»

But we con’t care
‘Cause we do our part
To make a program
With wit and heart
So go get comfy
Unplug the phone
Here come Dave and Maddie
Into your home
Here come Dave and Maddie
Into your home

Another season, another try
To make 22 shows before we <beep>

David:  What are they trying to do? Screw up our chances for syndication? Huh? Heave! I saw Bugs Bunny do that once. Where were we?
Agnes:  About to kick off the new season.
David: Right!
Herbert: My season.
David: What? Hit it!

5, 6, 7, 8…
Lights! Grips!

Another season, another shot
To show the country just what they got
To be there every tuesday night for you
Without a rerun
Without a rerun
Without a rerun
Except one or two

We can’t have a rerun
‘Cause you’ll change the channel
And watch NBC
Whoa, yeah

Maddie: Ready.

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